We're pleased to be able to reveal our new logo and website, we hope you like the new look!


The old website served us well for nearly 3 years, but as always technology and design has evolved so we don't want to get left behind. The main motive behind the revamp was simplification. The new website integrates many of the features that were previously part of our separate client system, as well as adding new features like social media integration - you can finally share and comment on our news with Facebook, Twitter & Google+.


You'll notice that we're now simply Afford A Host rather than Afford A Host UK / EU / US. Our main website www.affordahost.net will serve all markets, but we'll continue to redirect the old .co.uk .us & .eu domains to display the relevant currency. We will not be using these old domains for email though, so please update addresses to @affordahost.net. This change also sees us move away from referring to our parent company DJBW Network - again we won't be using @djbw.com email addresses and you won't need to visit djbw.com for orders/support/billing as this is now all part of the new website.


If you have any questions about these changes please contact us.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

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