Our Network Global connectivity from Europe's greenest data center

Network Diagram

Datadock is Europe's most environmentally friendly data center, winner of the eco Award 2010 from the German Internet Association "eco". Furthermore, it received the highest rating of five stars in the independent Datacenter Star Audit, which evaluates the technical quality of data centers.

Three years of planning and construction time went in to building this eco-friendly and ultra-modern data center, with a comprehensive security and redundancy concept. Located in Strasbourg, France, this is the perfect location for our hosting services, situated on the most important and fastest glass fiber routes to the rest of Europe & world-wide.

Datadock is connected directly to the most important internet exchange points over a redundant 100 GB backbone, hence it features the perfect speed and availability of your data.

An unrivaled cooling system has been installed at datadock. This system makes use of the area's extensive ground water sources, which are extracted by means of specially built wells. Normally, cooling is one of the most important power and cost factors in a data center. But since the ground water is only 12° C when it's taken out of the ground, its temperature doesn't have to be further decreased in order to use it in the data center. This has a great impact on the energy balance. The ground water itself never gets into the data center's inner cooling cycle. It is only used for taking the heat from the inner cooling cycle at the heat exchangers. It is neither polluted in this process nor is any water wasted. Due to this cost-saving and efficient cooling method, the European top Power Usage Efficiency value of 1.21 is achieved.